American style with the rigors of the Chinese practice.
About PingMax

PingMax LLC is a start up located in the suburb of Chicago and specializes in online education. It was established in 2006, when it worked with WGBH International (PBS) on the distribution of the award winning Children's literature program "Between the Lions".

The Development of the BeijingMath began in 2008. Frustrated by his daughter's math education in school, the founder of PingMax LLC first undertook the task of creating a set of math practice questions for his daughter. Having earned a Ph.D. in United States, and yet brought up in Chinese education system, he understood the pros and cons of both US and Chinese math education systems. The more he got involved in his daughter's math education, the more shock he felt from the lack of practice and the lack of sound, systematic curriculum in US. Finally he decided to build a website to benefit other students. With the help of two other friends who shared the same frustration as well as similar background (1st and/or 2nd generation immigrants who earned degrees from top US universities), he started to develop BeijingMath. A panel of education experts and experienced teachers from prestigious schools were consulted and with the help of educators in Purdue University, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and Illinois Institute of Technology contents of BeijingMath were developed.

During the first half of 2011, the curriculum, model lessons, and benchmark assessments were tested and revised. The program was launched in August, 2011 and gained immediate traction in Asian/Chinese communities in North America and around the world, especially with "Tiger" moms in North America who were looking for more traditional Chinese math practice environment for their children. Because of its successful and rapid market adoption and its pioneering work in statistical modeling in education, PingMax LLC gained attention from a number of investors. Subsequently, PingMax LLC received a funding from an angel investor at the end of 2012 for new product/technology development and for marketing expansion.